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Guests and their Addresses to the Club 1932 - 2023

[Please note (1) that the Club did not meet between February 1940 and October 1946; (2) entries without a subject for the Address are those where either no subject was given by the guest, or none has been noted in the Archive (3) those names followed by [P] are guests who addressed the Club prior to September 1939 and for whom neither date nor the subject of the Address has survived in the Archive. (4) in addition, records are missing for the meetings of 1939 Nov., Dec. 1940, Oct., Nov. 1949, Jan., Feb., Oct. 1954, Nov., 1955 Jan., Feb., 1959, Jan., Oct. 1964, Nov. 1965, Oct., Nov. 1966, Jan. 1972, Nov. 1973, Nov. 1974 Feb.].

Admiral Sir Trevor Soar KCB OBE DL
27 Jan 2023
Nelson's legacy of leadership

Aitken Hon. Maxwell

Akers, Sir W.
23 Feb 1951
"Problems in the Development of Useful Power from Atomic Energy"

Alireza, J.E. Sheikh
26 Jan 1979
"Role of Saudi Arabia in the World Today"

Allegro, J.M.
7 Oct 1966
"The Dead Sea Scrolls"

Allen, Col. Sandeman

Allen, Dr. P.
30 Oct 1964

Altrincham, Lord
15 Nov 1946

Anderton, Sir. J.
28 Feb 1992
"The Changing Perceptions of Policing"

Anglesey, Marquess of
5 Oct 1956
"An Early 19th Century Scandal"

Ashbrook, Viscount
30 Jan 2004

Ashcroft KCMG PC, Lord
7 Nov 2014
Bravery and the Victoria Cross

Ashmore, Sir E.
26 Feb 1999
"The British and the Cyprus Problem"

Atholl, Duchess of

Badeley, Sir H.

Bailey E. Shackleton

Bailey, Neal
29 Jan 2016
Economic Review

Barlow, Lady
7 Dec 1956
"Music and Mankind"

Batty, J.K.
31 Jan 1964
"Penalties in Magistrates Courts"

Baxter, Beverley
6 Dec 1946

Beith, Maj. Gen. J.H.
2 Feb 1940

Bell, M.
5 Dec 1997
"An Independent Voice"

Bernstein, Sir Howard (Chief Executive of Manchester City Council)
5 Nov 2012

Beswick, F.B.
7 Oct 1988
"The Leonard Cheshire Foundation in Cheshire"

Blashford-Snell, Col. J.
1 Dec 1995
"The Quest of Leadership"

Boardman, Lord
6 Dec 1985
"Britain in a Changing World"

Bond, Jennie
5 Dec 2003
"Reporting Royals"

Boote, R.E.
29 Jan 1971
"The Countryside in 1971"

Boyson, Dr. R.
25 Feb 1977
"The Revival of Self-Help"

Braddon, R.
1 Dec 1967
"An Australian Looks at England"

Brambell, Dr. M.
3 Oct 1997
"Chester Zoo" [vice Prof. Ridley]

Brandreth, G.
4 Oct 1991
"Words, Words, Words"

Brewer, Dr. A.C.
29 Jan 1982
"Survival, The Medico-Surgical Problem"

Briggs, David Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire
25 Jan 2013
"The Life of a Lord Lieutenant"

Brocklehurst, Col. C.D. Phillips
1 Nov 1952
"The National Trust"

Bromley-Davenport QC, John
5 Dec 2014
Bars & Stars

Broomhead, Prof. Steven
7 Oct 2011
"The Future Economic Priorities and the Regeneration of the Great City of Chester"

Brown, The Rev'd Alec
28 Jan 2021
Travels with David Livingstone

Bruce-Gardyne J.
6 Nov 1981
"The Odyssey of a Football Hooligan"

Bruce-Porter, Sir B.

Brummer, Alex
27 Feb 2015
Britain's Uncertain Future

Burgess, N.
6 Nov 1998
"Whither Policing?"

Burn, A.
4 Oct 2002

Burton, Alex (COO Defence)
30 Jan 2015
The 21st Century Maritime Renaissance

Button, Clive
5 Nov 2020
The admirable Lord Nuffield

Byatt, I.C.R.
31 Jan 1992
"Regulating Water : Two Years Into the new Regime"

Caley, Lady
3 Jan 1971

Campbell, Sr. G.
2 Oct 1953
"The New World and The Old"

Carlisle, M.
26 Feb 1971
"Parliament and Penal Reform"

Carlisle, Rt. Hon. Lord
27 Feb 2004
[vice Sir Fergus Montgomery]

Cartwright, H.
22 Feb 1985
"Nuclear Power - Why Bother?"

Chadwick, Sir. J.
7 Nov 1947

Chalker, Mrs. L.
2 Dec 1988
"The Single Market"

Chamberlain, Neville CBE
5 Oct 2012
"Nuclear Cheshire"

Chambers, S.
27 Sep 1957
"Britain's Dangerous Enemies"

Chesshyre, H.
6 Nov 1995
"Her Majesty's Heralds"

Christensen, Poul CBE
1 Oct 2010
"Is Nature Old Enough to Look After Herself?"

Churchill, Maj. R.S.
2 Dec 1949
"Western Union"

Clark, Sir C.
5 Oct 1990
"From Butterflies to Babies"

Clarke, Rev. J.
2 Dec 1994
"Joy All The Way"

Clements, A.W.
3 Nov 1986
"Industry & Finance in a Changing Britain"

Cohen, Prof. H.
21 Feb 1947
"Medicine and Human Welfare" [vice Brendan Bracken]

Cohen, Prof. H.

Cohen, Prof. J.
3 Oct 1969
"The Revolt of the Teenager"

Colonel Steve Davies MBE
1 Oct 2021
From Industrial Backstreets to Regimental Command – A Life of Leadership, Adventure and Achievement

Coope, Dr. R.
29 Feb 1952
"James Hope 1801-40 : A Cheshire Physician"

Cooper, J.
25 Feb 1972
"The Confessions of a Pianist"

Cordingley, Maj. Gen. P DSO
1 Nov 2002
"Current International Affairs: The Military Implications"

Cottle, S.H.
26 Jan 1996
"The International Art Market"

Coupe, M.
3 Nov 1978
"Falcons and Falconry"

Craig, M.
30 Jan 1998
"It's a Funny Business"

Craven, Sir Philip
31 Jan 2014
"Paralympic Sport – Society’s Unique Educator"

Crichton-Stuart, Lord R.
23 Feb 1962

Crick, Bishop D.J.

Crill, Sir. P.
4 Nov 1988
"Some Problems of Small Commonwealth Countries"

Crookenden, Sir N.
6 Oct 1989
"General Wolfe and the Cheshire Regiment at Quebec"

Crookenden, Sir N.
3 Nov 1972
"James Wolfe"

Davidson, Lady
4 Dec 1953
"Parliament, its Buildings, Work and Women's Influence"

Davies, D.
25 Feb 1966
"Sense and Nonsense in Management"

Davies, Rt. Hon. J.
31 Jan 1975
"The Way Forward"

Day, Sir M.
27 Feb 1998
"Weathering the Storm - Stresses in Society"

de Halpert, Rear Admiral Jeremy CB
4 Nov 2005

de la Mare, Sir A.
7 Nov 1977
"The Enemy Within"

de Manio, J.
1 Dec 1978
"Odd Situations in Broadcasting"

4 Nov 1983
"Conflict and Co-operation, Anglo-American Economic and Trade Relations"

Dearlove, Sir Richard KCMG OBE
27 Jan 2006
(To Commemorate the Bicentenary of the Death of William Pitt the Younger)

Derby, Earl of
27 Jan 1956
"The Breeding of Racehorses"

Devonshire, Duke of
19 Nov 1946

Dodds-Parker, E.
3 Nov 1967
"The State of the Nation"

Dooley, Sean
28 Feb 2014
"Do we Get The Press we Deserve?"

Drabble, P.
5 Dec 1986
"My Wilderness in Bloom"

Dunn, Brig. P.D.W.
4 Nov 1955
"The Police in Modern Democracy"

Edmonds, Frances
5 Dec 2008
"Winning the Game of Life"

Elliott, Matthew
5 Nov 2010
"Electoral Reform: The New Gunpowder Plot"

Elliott, Matthew
4 Oct 2013
"Britain and the EU: What Would Pitt Do?"

Ellison, Bishop G.A.
7 Oct 1955
"The University Boat Race"

Emerson, D.
27 Feb 1976
"Brunner, Mond and the Cheshire Pitt Club"

English, George
23 Apr 2021
Mayflower 400

Ennion, S.T.E.P.
7 Nov 1958
"Prisons Today"

Eppstein, J.
8 Dec 1939

Fahy, Peter Chief Constable of Cheshire
28 Jan 2005

Fairbanks, Capt. D.
3 Oct 1958
"Mid Atlantic Vigils"

Fanshawe, Capt. G.D.

Farage, Nigel MEP
26 Feb 2010
"The Death of British Politics"

Farrar-Hockley, General Sir A.
25 Feb 1994
"Korea : Forty Years On"

Fazey, I.H.
3 Oct 1980
"Farce, Fiction, Fact in the Newspaper Industry"

Fenton, C.
25 Jan 1963

Ferguson, Prof. M.W.J.
25 Feb 2000
"The Biosciences Revolution : Research, Exploration and Ethics"

Ferguson, Sir E.
5 Nov 1999
"The Single Currency & Why Those Who Want Britain in a Stable, Forward Looking Europe Should be Against it"

Field, Frank MP
28 Jan 2011

Fielding, Sir Leslie KCMG
2 Oct 2009
"The Misadventures of Fielding of the FO"

Fifield, Charles
9 Oct 2020
William Pitt the Younger

Fildes, C.
22 Feb 1991
"Mr. Pitt and The Old Lady"

Fildes, Christopher OBE
28 May 2009
"William Pitt the Younger and the Weapons of the Modern State"

Fildes, Sir H.
5 Jan 1940

Fisher, Bishop G.F.

Fisher, Dr. F.
6 Dec 1996
"Women Doctors : The Effective Resource?"

Fisher, N.
6 Nov 1970
"The Future of Publishing"

Forrester, J.
28 Feb 2003

Forster, Bishop P.R.
28 Jan 2000

Forster, The Rt. Rev’d Dr. Peter, Bishop of Chester
27 Jan 2012
"Are we Destined to Roast?" (Member of the Board of Trustees of The Global Warming Policy Foundation)

Foster, J.

Foster, J.G.
26 Feb 1960

Foster, Sir J.
1 Oct 1971
"Becoming a European"

Foster, Sir J.
4 Dec 1964

Foyster, W.H.

Fraser, G. McD
5 Oct 2001
"Box Office History"

Fraser, Hon. H.
24 Feb 1956
"The Present Situation in Kenya"

Freeth, Maj. F.B.

Freud, Sir C.
3 Dec 1999

Gale, General Sir R.
3 Nov 1961
"Our Modern Army"

Gardiner, Brigadier Ian, Royal Marines
7 Nov 2008
"Some Realities of War"

Garland, Sir V.
3 Dec 1982
"Australia and the Western Alliance"

Garnett, J.
24 Feb 1967
"The Management of Human Resources"

Gemmell, Prof A.R.
2 Dec 1983
"Common Sense and Conservation"

Gilbey, Capt. G.

Gilbey, Maj. G.
30 Mar 1939

Gillespie, Prof.
15 Nov 1993
"It Only Hurts When I Laugh"

Gimson, Sir F.
28 Feb 1958

Gittus, Dr. J.
29 Jan 1993
"Nuclear Power - a Power for Good?"

Gladstone, C.A.
12 Jan 1951
"A Literal Education"

Gladstone, P.
23 Feb 1973
"The Martin Mere Wildfowl Reserve"

Glover, Col. D.
3 Jan 1958
"A Responsible Society"

Glubb, Lt. Gen. Sir J.
2 Dec 1966
"Britain and the Middle East"

Goddard, Lt. Gen. E.N.
22 Feb 1957

Goodlad, A.
3 Oct 1975
" … But Young Men Remember"

Goodlad, A.
23 Feb 1979
[vice O'Brien, Dr. C.C. who failed to attend].

Gourlay, S.A.
26 Feb 1988
"All Change for Agriculture"

Graesser, N.W.
2 Nov 1979
"The Dangers Facing Salmon Stocks Today"

Grant, Lady
30 Jan 1948

Gray, Canon D.
3 Dec 1993
"Prejudices and Partial Affections"

Green, S.E.A.
7 Oct 1994
"History of Lords"

Green,Sir Andrew KCMG
31 Jan 2003
"Immigration into Britain: Past, Present and Future"

Grey of Naunton, Lord
25 Jan 1985
"Northern Ireland"

Griffiths, Nigel
26 Feb 2021
Bobs and Sallies

Grigg Ltd., Col. Sir E.
6 Oct 1939

Hacking, Rt. Hon. D.

Hagan, Capt Bill
23 Feb 2018
The flight from Hell

Hague, William Rt. Hon. MP
3 Dec 2004

Hands, Dr Tim
26 Feb 2016

Hardcastle, M.
7 Nov 1975
"Schoolmaster Eccentric"

Harris of High Cross, Lord
2 Oct 1981
"What Are Good Economists?"

Harris, Sir Martin CBE DL
24 Feb 2006
"Challenging Times for Higher Education"

Harrison, Dr. D.
27 Jan 1961
[vice Temple J.M., detained in London on Parliamentary business]

Harrison, Dr. D.
25 Jan 1980
[vice Lord Hewlett, who had recently died]

Harrison, Dr. D.
30 Jan 1981
"The Universities in the 1980's"

Harrod, D.
27 Jan 1984
"Bringing the Bad News - Broadcasting on the Economy"

Harrod, Dr. R.F.
26 Feb 1954
"The Financial Outlook"

Harrop, Rev. J.E.
27 Jan 1978
"Clerical Humour"

Hartley, Brig. Gen. H.

Harvey MB FRCS, Robert
3 Dec 2020
Covid-19 at the Front Line. A personal perspective.

Haslam, Sir R.
27 Feb 1987
"British History - Some Thoughts on the Way Ahead"

Henson, Adam (BBC ‘Countryfile’)
7 Dec 2012
"My Life on the Land"

Hills, Lt. Col. J.
4 Dec 1959
"The National Daily Press"

His Honour Judge Simon Medland, KC
7 Oct 2022
Supermac's Revenge: a Cabinet Reshuffle to Remember

His Honour Judge Steven Everett
24 Feb 2023
The effect of the pandemic on Chester Crown Court - positive or negative?

Honeyford, R.
4 Nov 1994
"Race Relations in Britain - Some Basic Questions"

Hope, Christopher
22 Feb 2019
Politics Today

Hopkings, L.A
30 Jan 1976
"School and Community - Four Centuries of a Cheshire Grammar School"

Hudson, M.H.
25 Feb 2005

Hudson, R.
4 Dec 1987
"Behind the Scenes at the BBC"

Huggins, Lady
5 Dec 1952
"The Development of the British West Indies"

Hughes-Hallett, Admiral J.
1 Nov 1956

Hurd, Rt. Hon. D.
22 Feb 1980
"Can we Afford a Foreign Policy?"

Irvine, A.S.
29 Jan 1965
"Mid-Cheshire in Pitt's Day"

Irvine, Dr. K.N.
4 Nov 1966
"Stress in Modern Life"

Isaby, Jonathan
4 Nov 2016
Taxation and government spending

Issacs, Major Peter
29 Jan 2010
"Afghanistan – The Poisoned Chalice"

Jackson, Sir B.
23 Feb 2001
"The NHS and its Many Problems"

Jackson, Very Rev. L.
7 Dec 1979

James, Dr. (Headmaster Harrow)
3 Dec 1954
"The Origin and Development of Public Schools"

Jamieson, Lady
6 Dec 1963
"Cultural Exchange in Anglo-American Relations"

Jeanes, C.F.
7 Oct 1983
"Production, Profit and Patriotism"

Jeffrey, Christopher (Headmaster Grange School, Hartford)
25 Feb 2011
"Education in the 21st Century"

John Richards OBE DL MA
5 Nov 2021
Romance of the Road – The Reminiscences of a Four in Hand Coachman

Johnson, Co. T.E.S.
26 Feb 1965

Johnston, B
7 Nov 1997
"The Other Side of the Microphone"

Jones KCB ADC DL, Admiral Sir Philip
28 Feb 2020
Today's Royal Navy - Modern Tools for an Unchanging Task

Jones, Lord Digby
6 Oct 2017
Fixing Business

Joseph, Sir F
6 Oct 1950
"America and World Leadership"

Joseph, Sir K.S.
25 Jan 1952
"The Building Industry"

Joyce, C.A.
27 Feb 1970
"Crime, Like Charity, Begins at Home"

Junor, Penny
7 Dec 2007

Karagiannis, A.
7 Dec 2001
"Transatlantic Relations in the Aftermath of 11th September"

Kellet, Dr. J.
29 Jan 1954
"The Crisis in English Secondary Education"

Kennedy (Moira Shearer) Mrs.
6 Dec 1974

Kirke, Lt. Gen. Sir W.
(GO Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command 1933-36)

Knox, E.V.

Kolls, Wendy A. Vice Consul US Embassy
30 Jan 2009
"Aspects of the New US Administration

Kornberg, Sir H.
24 Feb 1989
"Genetic Manipulations: Threat or Promise?"

Lane, Sir W. Arbuthnot

Lane, The Rt Reverend Elizabeth
2 Dec 2016
The difference women make

Lanyon, A.
6 Dec 1991
"A Furniture Van in Hysterics"

Lawrence, Sir P.H.
2 Nov 1984
"Turkey and the West"

Lawson, Lord
1 May 2014
"The Climate Change Controversy"

Le Quesne, A.L.
5 Oct 1984
"Alexander Solzhenitsyn"

Le Quesne, J.G.
6 Oct 1978
"The Monopolies and Mergers Commission"

Le Quesne, Prof. L.P.
5 Nov 1982
"Modern Surgery"

Le Quesne, Sir M.
1 Oct 1976
"What Has Gone Wrong in Africa?"

Leather, E.H.C.
5 Oct 1956

Leche, Sir J.
4 Dec 1950
"Impressions of England After Service Abroad"

Lee, John R.L. DL FCA
7 Nov 2003
"In the Pink"

Lees, Lt. Gen. Sir O.
3 Oct 1947

Legge, Capt. W.

L'Etang, Dr. H.
28 Feb 1986
"Are Sick Leaders a Danger to Their Country?"

Lewis, Christopher
1 Dec 2006

Ley Brig, H.N.H.
30 Jan 1970
"Pitt and the Modern TA"

Limon, D.
28 Jan 1994
"Serving the Commons"

Lloyd, Maj. Sir G.
2 Dec 1960
"What Would Pitt Think of us Today?"

Lord (Robert) Lisvane KCB DL
2 Dec 2022
The British Constitution: An Obituary?

Lord Darroch KCMG
3 Dec 2021
Reflections on American politics

Lovell, Sir B.
7 Dec 1990
"The Origin of the Universe : Life on Earth"

Lovell, Sir. B.
28 Jan 1977
"The Nature of the Universe"

MacBride, Prof. E.W.

MacGregor, Prof. Gordon
23 Feb 2007

MacMillan, A.
1 Oct 1982
"Personalities in Publishing, Politics and the Press"

MacMillan, H.

Madel, D.
6 Oct 1972
"Today in Parliament"

Maidment, Ted
3 Oct 2008

Major, Rt. Hon. J.
4 Dec 1998

Malyan, J.
2 Nov 1990
"Good Design Pays"

Mancroft, Lady
6 Dec 1957
"Votes for Days"

Marais Steyn, H.E.
5 Dec 1980
"South Africa - a Changing Society"

Mark, Sir R.
7 Nov 1980
"Crime, Terrorism, Public Order - The Role of the Police"

Marriott, H.F.

Martin Vander Weyer
4 Nov 2022
Inflation, recession and how capitalism can save us (again)

Martin, Maj. Gen. P.
3 Nov 1995
"Luck and Generalship"

Mather, Col. W.L.
28 Feb 1964
"A Businessman's Visit Behind the Iron Curtain"

McDonald, Dr. Peter
2 Dec 2011
"Giblets and Tripe – The Lighter Side of Being a Surgeon!"

McEwan, R.G.
25 Oct 1991
"Reflections From the Beach"

McWhirter, N.
6 Oct 2000
"Europe : The Tragic Truth"

Medland QC, His Honour Judge
25 Jan 2019
The Forgotten Duke

Melchett, Lord
[P] c. Nov 1933

Mercer MP, Johnny
31 Jan 2020
Doing right by those who serve: The UK's relationship with her Military Veterans

Merriman, Col. A.D.
5 Oct 1962
"Space Travel"

Michael Howard, Baron Howard of Lympne CH PC QC
27 May 2022
The Other Anniversary - Three Days in May 1940. How Churchill won his first and most crucial wartime battle

Mills, Lord
29 Jan 1960
"The Problem of Productivity - Price & Income"

Minford, Prof. P.
26 Feb 1993
"The Economy and What Should we do About it?"

Mohin OBE, John M.
24 Feb 2017
Trading with the Commonwealth

Molyneux, Prof. David
2 Dec 2005
"Challenges in Global Health"

Monkhouse, Allen

Montgomery, Sir Fergus
7 Oct 2005
"7 Prime Ministers from Macmillan to Major"

Moore, Dr. Julia CBE
27 Feb 2009
"Whiter the NHS? Paternalism, Patients and Progress"

Moores, Cdre Jake
26 Jan 2018
A life underwater

Morgan, E.J.
30 Jan 1987
"Sir Humphrey, Mandarin or Manager?"

Morrison, P.
5 Oct 1973
"The Role of the Conservative Party in the 70's"

Mottershead, G.S.
1 Nov 1963
"The Zoo and its Place in the World Today"

Muirhead, G.
4 Nov 1996
"Manchester Airport : Internal Gateway - Regional Impact"

Munnings, Sir A.
4 Nov 1949
"Art in Pitt's Day & Now"

Murray, S.
29 Jan 1999
"Is it an Asia Crisis?"

Namier, L.B.

Nield, Miss B.
6 Oct 1961
"A Glimpse at Chester"

O’Brien, Stephen MP
26 Jan 2007

O'Brien KBE, Rt Hon Sir Stephen
5 Oct 2018
Britain's role in the world

O'Neil, Sir. H.
7 Dec 1951
"Current Political Trends"

Owen, D.E.
26 Jan 1973
"The Future of Cheshire Waterways"

Oxford, K.G.
7 Nov 1986
"The Increasing Demand on Police Resources"

Page, R.
2 Nov 2001
"Blair's Other Battle - The War Against the Countryside"

Pardoe, Dr. G.K.C.
1 Nov 1991
"Technology and the Global Economy"

Pardoe, G.K.
24 Feb 1978
"The Role of Technology in Modern Society"

Parkinson, Lord C.
1 Dec 2000

Parmley, Sir Andrew
1 Nov 2019
A beginner's guide to being Lord Mayor of London

Partridge, Adam
4 Dec 2015
Travels with my gavel

Paterson MP, Rt Hon Owen
7 Oct 2016
Politics today

Paterson, Judge F.D.
27 Jan 1989
"Crime & Punishment"

Pearce, J.
2 Nov 1951
"Questions of the Press"

Pearson, N.G.C.
25 Jan 1957
"On Some Reflections on William Pitt The Younger"

Peters, John Squadron Leader
3 Oct 2003
"Tornado Down"

Pickering, Judge R.
3 Nov 2000
"Changing Times in Crime"

Pitcher, Sir D.
1 Dec 1997
"United Utilities Plc : International Aspects"

Platt, Sir H.
1 Oct 1954
"Poliomyelitis as a National Problem"

Plomley, R.
27 Feb 1981
"Living on my Wits"

Pollock, Admiral of the Fleet, Sir M.
24 Feb 1984
"Maritime Aspects of Defence"

Pollock, C.
26 Jan 1962
"A Glimpse on Industrial Relations"

Poole, R.W.F.
4 Dec 1992
"No Drums, No Trumpets"

Portlock, Rear Admiral R.E.
1 Dec 1972
"On HM Service"

Prior-Palmer, Lady
7 Dec 1962
"Education and the Nation"

Pugh, A.T.
2 Oct 1987
"The New Frontiers of Air Transport"

Quinton, Lord
25 Feb 1983
"In Restraint of Trade"

Ramsay, Capt. A.M.

Ramsbottom, General Sir D. GCB CBE
6 Dec 2002

Ravensdale, Lady

Readman, J.P.A.
4 Nov 1977
"Britain on the Economic Brink"

Redmond, Prof. Phil CBE
4 Nov 2011
"Big, Small or no Such Thing: Whose Society?"

Rees-Mogg MP, Jacob
8 Dec 2017

Rhodes of Saddleworth, Lord
4 Oct 1985

Rhys-Williams, Sir B.
31 Jan 1969
"Britain After the Clan War"

Richards, Simon
2 Oct 2015
Magna Carta 800 years on

Richardson, Garry
7 Dec 2018
BBC Radio 4 Sports presenter

Ridgeway, Canon M.
5 Nov 1976
"Middle Age Looks at the Middle Ages"

Ridgeway, Canon M.
7 Nov 1969
"Early Goldsmiths of Chester"

Ridley, Prof. T.M.
2 Oct 1998
"Whither Transport?"

Ritchie, Sir J.
27 Feb 1963
"Modern Veterinary Science"

Robinson, J.R.
6 Nov 1953
"Colonnial Development"

Robinson, J.R.
5 Nov 1954
(vice Lord Lloyd, detained in London)

Robson, Prof. B.
1 Oct 1999
"Joining up the Cities : Government's Urban Policy"

Rose, General Sir Michael KCB CBE QGM MA
2 Nov 2007

Rt Hon Sir Robert Buckland QC MP
28 Jan 2022
Reflections on The Lord Chancellor: Ancient and Modern

Samuels, Rev’d Canon Christopher W.J.
6 Oct 2006

Scott, R.
2 Oct 1992
"Manchester 2000 - The Way Forward"

Seaborne-Davies, Prof.
24 Feb 1961
"Britain's Greatest Advocate"

Shields, Sir R.
23 Feb 1996
"Second Rate Engineers and Obscure Surgeons"

Simon, Lord
27 Feb 1948

Smith, R.
28 Feb 1955
"The Interconnection of the Corporation of London and the Livery Companies"

Snagge, J.
5 Dec 1969
"The Adventure of Broadcasting"

Soulbury, Lord
5 Dec 1956
"The Influence of Women in Public Life at the Time of Pitt"

Soulbury, Lord
30 Jan 1959
"The Individual and Authority"

Squires, Vice-Admiral R.
1 Dec 1985
"The Submarine - Today's Capital Ship?"

Stanier, Field Marshall Sir J.
6 Nov 1987
"Some Aspects of Terrorism"

Stanley, Co. Rt. Hon. O.
5 Dec 1947

Stead, J.
25 Jan 1974
"Dr Patrick Colquhoun - Police Pioneer"

Steel, J.L.S.

Steel, J.L.S.
7 Oct 1960
"The Six and The Seven"

Steel, Judge E.
3 Dec 1965
"The True Embodiment"

Stockton, Earl of
26 Jan 1990
"The 90's - Nice, Naughty or Nasty?"

Stone, R.F.
27 Feb 1953
"Politics in the Universities"

Stone, Sir L.
3 Mar 1950
"India from British Rule to Independence"

Storey, Christopher QC
6 Nov 2009
"Freedom Under the Law"

Strickland, Major William
3 Nov 2006

Strickland, T.
29 Jan 1988
"How History Repeats Itself"

Summers, P.J.
4 Oct 1974
"Homo Sapiens on the Slippery Slope"

Summers, P.J.
4 Oct 1963

Swanston, Mrs. S.
4 Oct 1968
"How to be a Farmer's Wife"

Swinton, Gen. Sir E. DSO
(2nd Boer & First World Wars, Tank warfare pioneer and Editor of 1938 publication "20 years after: The battlefields of 1914-18")

Talbot, G.
4 Nov 1960
"Some Adventures in Radio & Television"

Talbot, G.
5 Dec 1975
"The Whit and Wisdom of Winston Spencer Churchill"

Talbot, G.
31 Jan 1986
"Mind Your Language"

Taylor, Jeremy
5 Nov 2004
"Cheshire and the Region – Heaven or Hell?"

Teimourian, Hazir
25 Jan 2008

Thailand, Prince C.C. of
1 Dec 1961
"The Women of Thailand"

Thompson, Brig. W.F.K.
5 Nov 1971
"On International Understanding"

Thompson, K.
30 Jan 1953
"The Tory Society"

Tickell, Sir C.
25 Jan 2002
"Politics & Freedom"

Tim Strickland MBE FSA
25 Feb 2022
Strick – Some lessons and recollections from our Imperial twilight

Timpson CBE, Edward
4 Oct 2019
Putting vulnerable children first

Timpson, J.
4 Dec 1970
"The World of Today"

Timpson, J.
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